Anti Aging — Does God Have A Plan?

We all know there's no fountain of youth.  Anti aging is all about slowing down the aging process a little.  Does the Bible have anything to say about experiencing good health and enjoying active lives as the years are adding up?  If God created our bodies shouldn't he have given instructions about how they work?

Since We Are Living Longer,
We Might As Well Live Better Too

During the last half century life expectancy has risen in every part of the world.  So why is there such a growing interest in anti aging?  What is the point of living longer, if you are experiencing increasing pain and decrepitude all the while?

This website is designed to help you identify and avoid the hype, while gaining the knowledge that enables you to access the help that is available on this subject.  I’ve sifted through the information found in dozens of books on health and nutrition, so that you can profit from the best of both scientific discovery and practical experience.

Take a Stroll Through the Pages of AAGW

I want to help you with more than just information.  I will give you the opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, and to share your struggles and successes.  I have determined not to give you simply theory.  This is a place to discover help from strategies that are actually proving beneficial for real people.

You are free to go anywhere on this website that you like— explore, enjoy, be encouraged!  (If you'd prefer to go through the information in a systematic way, click the "NEXT PAGE" button at the bottom of each page.)  My goal is that you might gain real hope and help from what I have put together for you.  To your health!