Aerobic Exercises the Natural Way

How complex is walking? Everyone can do their aerobic exercises this way; walking doesn't require any expensive equipment or special training. Talk about Anti Aging God's Way — you can't get more biblical than walking! Really, if you average half an hour of brisk walking five days each week, you will give your heart and circulatory system the workout they need.

Now you could join a club and learn step aerobics or complicated dance moves, and that would be fine, and perhaps a lot of fun. But you don't need to, if that doesn't seem attractive to you. You can walk outside in the fresh air, you can walk in a local mall, or, if you want to make the expenditure, you can walk on a treadmill inside your own home. However you decide to do it, you need to make walking a part of your weekly schedule.

Walking Can Be a Great "Alone Time"

If you want a break from the hectic schedule of the week, getting out for a walk can be emotionally energizing as well as physically exhilarating. Some people like to use the time to listen to books on tape, or to their favorite kinds of music. It would be a great time to listen to the Bible on CD as well. My father used to use his walks as a time to talk to his Lord about everything that was on his mind. Life slows down when you take a walk; you see things and people you haven't noticed for a long time. Not only do you complete your aerobic exercises, you refresh your soul as well.

Walking Can Be a Great "Together Time"

If you find a companion of similar desire, you can join together in a walking routine that can build or solidify a friendship. You can talk, while you're doing your aerobic exercises, without being out of breath. For a husband and wife, this can be a great time to review your day together, catch up on the previous day, dream about the future, or talk about those things that conversations never seem to have time for. For two friends, this can be a great time to get to know each other better, to share what you have been learning, to find encouragement, or to enjoy a laugh together.

General Instructions

As with all physical exertion, begin your aerobic exercises slowly, and work your way toward a brisk pace each time. Some people like to carry a small dumbbell in each hand; this will increase the aerobic component of your walking. Start out with only a pound or two in each hand. Try to keep good posture, with your head held high and your back erect as you walk. Pump, or swing, your arms naturally as you are walking. Slow down as you get close to the end of your time walking. Give your muscles a chance to cool down gradually; don't just plop in a chair.

Make it Fun for You!

However you find the best way of walking, make it enjoyable for yourself. It needs to become a highlight of your day. Some people like to use a treadmill and watch TV or read a book. Whatever works well for you, make it something you can enjoy doing at least five days a week. The quality of the last half of your life depends upon it. And now, to your aerobic exercises, add stretching exercises.