Anti Aging: Bible Answers?

Is the most enduring and most popular book in history an anti aging Bible?  When somebody wants to refer to an authoritative book on any subject, it is often called a "bible".  Search the Internet and you will find many sources for an "Anti Aging Bible".  But does the Bible truly have anything to say about anti aging?

Among the many books I’ve read and studied is the Bible. Common sense tells us that God created our complex bodies with their DNA and immune systems, and all their life sustaining and renewing capabilities. Therefore it only seems reasonable to consult the maker’s handbook to see what we can learn about how to make these bodies function at their best. Anti Aging God’s Way is simply an attempt to say, “Here is a way to live and care for our bodies that is consistent with what God teaches us in the Bible.”

I Don't Have a "Corner" on God's Way!

Please understand: I do not mean to infer that what I have to say here is "God's Way", as opposed to what everyone else has to say.  This website is emphatically NOT the "Anti Aging Bible".  Nor do I propose that we cannot learn about successful anti aging outside the words of the scriptures.  I firmly believe, however, that what I have to share within these pages is entirely consistent with what the Bible teaches.  And I am convinced that a better understanding of the Bible, and following it more consistently, will lead to greater success in achieving an anti aging lifestyle.

I'm not going to preach to you from my "anti aging Bible", but I will gently point out where what the Bible says makes sense when you're trying to live better, longer. I'll tell you this much: it's working for me...and I'm past sixty! So even though I do not represent this website as an anti aging Bible, I am happy to share my story with you, and invite you to journey with me as we seek to win at anti aging.