Anti Aging Secrets
Should Not Be Secrets to You

Many anti aging secrets are found hidden within the 100 trillion cells that make up your body.  Scientists tell us that the human body replaces 300 billion cells every day.  No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, or even how old you are, your body will produce 300,000,000,000 new cells tomorrow.

The Answer to Anti Aging is
Producing Better Cells

When you're in your first 25-30 years of life, your body is naturally producing high quality cells.  After you reach the top of the hill, your body begins to produce cells that aren't as good as the ones they're replacing.  When you're young, you can even mistreat your body, and it will still produce better cells.  After 30, you need to be careful how you treat your body so that it will will not age too quickly.

If there are anti aging secrets, they are found within your cells, not in the latest treatments or therapies.  This is the most critical area of understanding for effective anti aging.  Your physical health is only as good as the totality of the health of all your cells.  Whether it's your facial skin, your abs, your spine, your colin, or your heart, every part of your body is composed of cells.  Here's an anti aging secret: learning how to improve your cell health will enable you to know how to have a healthy body that is slowing down or leveling off the process we call aging.

The Marvel that is Your Cells

Your body's 100 trillion cells are divided into 200 different types, each one an amazing little chemical engine of life.  Every single cell has within it a DNA molecule that directs the activity of that specific cell.  Within the cells of your body are thousands of enzymes that perform the chemical reactions that accomplish two things: metabolism and digestion.  The metabolic enzymes synthesize proteins, carbohydrates and fats in order to form tissue and store energy.  The digestive enzymes break down the foods we eat to produce energy and waste matter. 

Where do all of these enzymes come from?  Some are produced by the various organs of our bodies, and others are present in the fresh fruits and vegetables we eat.  But, in the final analysis, even the enzymes that are produced by the organs of our bodies, find their ultimate source in the foods we eat.  So what's the point?  Another anti aging secret: the efficiency of these little chemical engines is directly proportional to the raw material they receive from us.

The Food We Eat Determines the Quality
Of the Body We Live In

Now while there are other significant factors in enjoying good health, the enzymes in our bodies can only produce cells that are as good as the food we eat.  Why is this important?  Remember those 200 different kinds of cells?  Some make up our bones, others our ligaments, others the lens of our eyes, or the enamel on our teeth. The quality of every body part is determined by the cells that compose them.

And here's more anti aging secrets you need to know: the health of our cells determines how quickly we recover from injury or hard work.  Unhealthy cells mean poorly functioning internal organs that wear out more quickly than healthy organs.  Healthy cells mean an immune system that operates at peak efficiency, which leads to fewer sicknesses, and greater resistance to diseases.

Take Care of That Finely-Tuned Machine

If you have ever driven an "old beater", you know that you just don't take care of it as well as you do a brand new car.  Now you may feel like your body is an "old beater" that is breaking down more rapidly than you would like.  But, with some tender, loving care, even an old beater can be made to look a little nicer, and run a little better...and longer. 

Your body was created as a finely-tuned machine.  The closer you examine what God has made, the more perfection you will see.  Yet one more anti aging secret: you can throw whatever seems good to you into it when you're young, but as you get older, you will pay a price for mistreating your body.  If you haven't already, decide today to learn and practice the proper care and feeding of the most amazing "machine" in existence on the earth.

Can I eat enough good food to produce healthy cells? Living in this highly-industrialized world and occupying ourselves with sedentary jobs and exposing ourselves to high levels of stress all also contribute to poor cell health. We've exposed several anti aging secrets so far; here's another: there are contemporary health issues that make it more difficult to have healthy cells today than it was 100 years ago.