How Can You Find the Best Supplements Money Can Buy?

I’ve discovered the best supplements you can find anywhere.  Who would have the audacity to make such a statement?!  How can you know for certain which are the best without thoroughly testing every one of them?  

Often the most powerful influence toward using a particular product is the personal testimony of a friend.  After all, if you can’t believe a friend, who can you believe?!  It is my hope that you have spent enough time browsing this website, that you have found valuable information and encouragement here.  Perhaps you might even consider me a friend.  I hope so.

The Power Of A Testimony

Well, as your friend, I would like to tell you what I believe are the best supplements on the market today. But I don’t want you to believe just because I tell you so. I’ve got some powerful information to share with you. But first, my testimony—
Nine years ago a friend of mine introduced me to a liquid food supplement that my wife and I have been using daily ever since. It is called a “superfood”, and it has been so good for us, that we wouldn’t even think of removing it from our daily routine. Shortly after we began using it, my wife’s co-workers at the middle school, noticed her increased energy. And she noticed an increase in mental clarity. I noticed an almost immediate reduction of joint pain in my knees and ankles. We’ve had some lean financial times in the last few years, but we refuse to stop using our favorite food supplements.

The Best Research, Testing, Personnel
and Equipment

The company that makes and markets the best supplements (in our humble opinion), carries out unequaled research and testing on all of its products.  They have over 100,000 square feet of laboratory and research space in the United States and South Korea.  They regularly perform double-blind, placebo-controlled, human clinical trials on their products before they send them to market.  (These are trials where neither the researchers nor the subjects know who is in which group until after the trial is over and the researchers have recorded the data and completed their analyses.  They are particularly valuable in removing the possibility of subjectivity in all parties.) 

The best supplements are not developed by a single doctor in his office, but by a team of 50 full-time scientists, many of whom have earned PhDs.  They work in facilities that make use of the latest scientific equipment, including those that make possible proteomic, biological, biochemical, and genomic screening.  This enables the products to be tested at the genetic level, as well as in clinical trials.

The Best Ingredients, Delivery System,
Manufacturing, and Packaging

The best supplements come from a library of 14,000 natural plants, from an agricultural division that harvests from over 10,000 acres of chemical free farmland.  And just as important as the natural ingredients is the delivery system that gets the supplements’ beneficial components to the parts of the body that will do the most good.  It is not enough to just eat the best natural ingredients, they must be combined with other elements that insure they do the job they’re supposed to.

The best supplements must also be manufactured and packaged under the most scrupulous procedures to assure that the potency and longevity of the products are maintained.  This is best accomplished by the company that carries this out themselves, rather than contracting it to other businesses.

The Best Standards And Guarantee

Finally, the best supplements are produced by a company that has developed their own high standards and who rigorously maintains those standards.  This is especially important in the natural foods industry where there are few government standards and policing agencies.  Companies, like this one, are not afraid to offer an outstanding money back guarantee, because they have and maintain such high standards.  This company has a 90-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee for first time customers.

And The Winner Is...

What is the company that makes the best supplements, in the opinion of my wife and me?  It’s called Univera.  And we are so confident of the quality and effectiveness of their products that we are willing to offer you a free sample of the company's flagship product, called Xtra.  If you will agree to take it according to our simple instructions (just shake it and drink it -- how hard is that?), we will send a free sample to you in the mail.

If you live in the United States, simply fill out the form below and click submit.  We’ll have it in the mail within the next couple of days.  If you’d like a little more information about Xtra, you can view the 3-minute video just below.  We wish everyone whom we know and love would at least give it a try.  We’ve tried several other supplements, and have never found one that we have used for more than a year, let alone for nine years and counting.

The best supplements may be supplemented by weight loss; might this be true for you?

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