A Well-Designed Body Fat Calculator

There are many websites on the Internet that include a body fat calculator. This one takes that information and helps you understand how you can design a balanced diet. Our body fat calculator tells you not only your percentage of body fat, but also your lean body mass. Then, using this information as well as an estimation of your daily activity level, we show you how much protein your body needs every day. We also recommend how many carbs and fats you should eat to provide your cells the optimum balance of macronutrients they need.

Using AAGW's Macronutrient Calculator

More than just a body fat calculator, Anti Aging God's Way gives you a Macronutrient Calculator. Here's how to use this helpful tool—

Male or Female; Centimeters or Inches; Kilos or Pounds

Using a cloth tape measure, determine the circumference of your waist, neck, and hips, applying a gentle pressure, without compressing the tissue.
• Height - Standing erect, with no shoes, measure your height.
• Neck - Measure just below the larynx ("adam's apple"), sloping slightly downward at the front.
• Waist - For men, measure at the navel; for women, measure at the smallest point.
• Hips - Women only, measure at the largest point.

Activity Level
Determine your activity level from the following descriptions. If you have an exercise regimen, you can easily select where you fit. If you do not regularly exercise, and do not believe yourself to be inactive, a pedometer can help you discover how many steps per day you are walking.
• Inactive
   Aerobic: none
   Strength: none
• Light
   Aerobic: 60-90 minutes/week, or 3,500-6,000 steps/day
   Strength: none
• Moderate
   Aerobic: 3 times/week, 90-150 minutes/week, or 6,000-10,000 steps/day
   Strength: none
• Active
   Aerobic: 5 times/week, 150-250 minutes/week, or 10,000-14,000 steps/day
   Strength: 6 exercises, 2 times/week
• Heavy
   Aerobic: 5 times/week, 250-360 minutes/week, or 14,000-18,000 steps/day
   Strength: 8 exercises, 3 times/week
• Intense
   Aerobic: 6 times/week, 360+ minutes/week, or 18,000+ steps/day
   Strength: 10 exercises, 3 times/week

Macronutrient Calculator
Activity Level

Interpreting This Information

• % Body Fat
While this is only an estimate, it utilizes a formula developed by the US Navy, that has proven to be a good benchmark for comparison.
• Lean Body Mass
This is the portion of your body weight that is not fat.
• Daily Protein Requirement
This is the protein your body needs each day, considering your lean body mass and activity level.
• Recommended Daily Carbs
You can eat more or less carbs than this, but this is an ideal amount (opens a new window) to provide you with the energy you need, while not consuming an excess that must be stored as fat.
• Recommended Daily Fat
Your body needs good quality fats, and this amount is sufficient for you.
• Total Calories
As a reference, if you eat the amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats designated by this Macronutrient Calculator, you will have consumed this many calories.

Implementing This Information

It's true that a simple body fat calculator would not have given you all of this valuable information, but what do you do with it, now that you have it? You can take this knowledge of your body's unique needs, and design a balanced diet made up of the best of foods, taking a giant step toward anti aging success. And if your activity level changes or if your body size changes, you can use this body fat calculator to quickly recalculate your body's macronutrient needs.

All proteins, carbs, and fats are not the same. Just consuming the right amounts of each will not put you on the road to successful anti aging. There are good and bad proteins, carbs, and fats, and you can learn how to recognize each. It's not complicated, and since you're probably the one who is putting the food into your mouth, it would be good for you to learn which kind is the best. Our body fat calculator has informed you concerning how much of each macronutrient you should eat, now begin to learn what kind of each is best for you.

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