While You're Making Your Weekly Schedule,
Don't Forget Your Exercise Plans

Many people's exercise plans fail to materialize, because they don't plan realistically. If you're just beginning an exercise regimen, make your exercise plans with great care. Start slowly! Many a person has seen their great intentions fall into a pile of rubble because they tried to do too much too soon. I want you to succeed at anti aging! Easy as you go.

Stretching, Strength, Aerobic: Where Do I Start?

Begin with the first five (upper body) strength training exercises three days each week, taking one day of rest between each day of exercise. Do five reps of each, with light weights. You'll be done in less than ten minutes, but don't think it's nothing; it's the beginning of great things. Take a week or so to learn how to do each exercise and to find the best weights for each exercise. Don't be in a hurry: lift and lower the weights slowly and evenly so as to get the full benefit of each motion. Add the other two strength training exercises without weights, at first. It's best to do the lunges in a hallway at first, so that you can balance yourself on the walls.

Next add the aerobic exercises, starting to walk about twenty minutes a day at least three days a week. You can do aerobic and strength exercises on alternate days, and have one day of the week to rest. Don't push yourself too hard at first, but make your initial goal one mile in twenty minutes. Three miles per hour is a fairly brisk pace. After you feel comfortable with this pace and schedule, begin to adjust your exercise plans toward a goal of thirty minutes a day, five days each week.

Lastly, add the stretching exercises to your exercise plans. You could do these many different ways, since their are ten of them. After you learn how to do each of them so that you are feeling the stretching of the appropriate muscles, decide how many of them you have time to do each day or week. If you are not physically able to do the strength and aerobic exercises, you could do all ten stretching exercises for twenty minutes, three times each week. It would at least give you better flexibility and mobility.

My Personal Exercise Plans

For what it's worth, here's what I do at present each week with each of these exercises. I do two sets of fifteen reps of strength training exercises, which takes about twenty minutes, every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. On those three days, I also do twenty-five minutes of walking, which I do on a treadmill, at 3.5 MPH, and a 5% incline. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I walk for forty-five minutes, same speed and incline. On each of these five days, I do two different stretching exercises, completing all ten of them once each week. I take Wednesdays and Sundays to rest.

Thus I do sixty minutes of strength training exercises and 150 minutes of aerobic exercises each week. This places me at the "active" activity level on the Macronutrient Calculator. Please note that it has taken me several months to work my way up to this level of activity. I urge you to not go too fast; it is too easy to get discouraged, or injured. Every little bit of activity you add to your weekly exercise plans is so much better than you were previously doing. Remember— you are trying to develop a habit for the rest of your life; take your time and make it enjoyable.

A Word of Warning

At the bottom of each of my pages I have noted that I am not a medical authority, and neither am I a nutritional expert. None of what I have to say should be substituted for sound medical advice or for common sense. I cannot know every one of you who is reading this web page, and therefore cannot make blanket statements that apply to everyone.

What I have shared with you is working for me, and I am not an unusual person. Therefore it seems to me that this should also work for the majority of average people who happen upon these pages. Seek medical counsel if you have any doubts about participating in this exercise regimen.

Many people's exercise plans fail because they are just too painful. Here is where I have found high quality food supplementation to be a great help.