Increase Flexibility
With Hamstring Exercises

Hamstring exercises increase flexibility in one of the major muscle groups of your legs. These muscles are located on the back of your upper leg, and include: semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris. The hamstring muscles enable you to bend at the knee and straighten the hip. They are used for such common actions as walking, running, jumping, and controlling some movements of the trunk. They are essential muscles for using your legs every day. It is not unusual for athletes (even casual ones) to injure these muscles — to "pull their hamstring" — often because it has not been adequately stretched.

There are many hamstring exercises; this one is called, simply, the Hamstring Stretch. To do this exercise, sit on the bench, with your right leg extended, toes pointed up, and your left foot on the floor. As you fully extend your knee, you will begin to feel a pulling in your hamstring muscles, located on the back of your thigh. If you don't feel the muscles stretching, simply lean forward at the hip until you feel the tension. Hold it for the specified amount of time, then relax for a few seconds. This is one rep. After completing the exercises with your right leg, do the same number with your left leg.

Keep These Things in Mind

Don't hold your breath as you perform the stretches. Employ smooth, even motions throughout the exercise; don't jerk or bounce to stretch the muscles. Concentrate upon and try to feel the specific muscles being stretched. Try to relax surrounding muscles as you stretch the hamstring. Remember— anti aging that works requires you to work at anti aging.

Watch this video for further explanation and demonstration of the Hamstring Stretch—

After completing the hamstring exercises, move on to ankle exercises.