You Can Lose Weight Naturally

I know you want to lose weight now, but you need to lose weight naturally. I know you want to be rid of excess pounds of fat that are making your life more difficult and robbing some of the joy of living from you. Most important for you, however, is the development of an anti aging lifestyle. This way of living includes eating healthy food in a balanced diet, engaging in an exercise regimen that is effective and enjoyable, and consuming high quality supplements that take over where 21st century foods fall short.

When you commit yourself to this kind of comprehensive approach to living, you will succeed at anti aging. You will lose weight naturally, shedding the fat that has been making your heart work harder, limiting your activity, and stealing years from your life. You will no longer need to "starve" yourself, enduring the cravings for the foods you are missing. You will be assured that you are giving your cells the very raw materials that are contributing to your increased quality of life. You won't desire the non-foods you used to eat, because you will know that they were shortening your life. They were only increasing your exposure to the cultural phenomenon of proliferating drugs and surgeries. (opens a new window) 

Why This Anti Aging Lifestyle Is Essential For You

Why is it so important that you lose weight naturally? Because only in this way will you develop a lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable. If you lose weight by paying for a meal plan, what will you do when you've lost the weight and are no longer purchasing their products and services? If you're like the majority, you'll gain back the weight, plus some. I know; I've done it too many times.

Perhaps you've read this website and thought: "It's just too much work; I don't want to take my measurements, count grams of protein, or lift weights and walk." If you don't want to learn, and make the effort, to help your body function according to its designer's intent, here's my advice to you: "Petition your congressmen for more, better, and less expensive healthcare." Because you'll be using it — too often!

Better Health Through Eating Less

Experiments conducted with laboratory animals have demonstrated convincingly that longer life accompanies eating less. When you take the time to learn what your body needs and uses each day, you will discover that you are better off eating much less than you used to. But because you are eating a balanced diet along with drinking adequate water, you are not craving more food. You are more satisfied with a smaller amount of healthy food, than you were with greater quantities of non-food.

To lose weight naturally is to not be in a hurry. If you're in the habit of weighing yourself every day, you might get discouraged. Weigh and measure yourself once a week. Check the Nutrition Calculator to see what your body fat percentage is. If it doesn't change in a week, know this: you are doing what is best for your body, and it is paying off slowly. If you lose a half percentage point of fat in a week, you're doing great. Check your belt; if it's getting a little looser, you're winning!

Some people think they can lose weight naturally, giving their body a cleansing and their soul a spiritual lift, by fasting. Check this out.