Low Carb Foods vs. Best Carb Foods

It seems that everybody wants to find and eat high protein, low fat, low carb foods. I suggest to you that best carb foods are more important for anti aging than low carb foods. Most of the calories we eat come from carbohydrates, therefore it only seems reasonable that we scrutinize our carbohydrate intake more than the other two macronutrients.

Why All the Interest in Low Carb Foods?

We want to get the most bang for our buck. Carbs are where the sugars are. If we're going to eat 500 calories of carbohydrates, we want the most taste and the greatest overall satisfaction that food can afford. We want to feel the pleasure of feeling fully satisfied without any negative side effects. And unfortunately, to a lesser extent it seems, we want to be assured of maintaining good health.

Our main sources of carbohydrates are vegetables, fruits, and grains. But most of us, it appears, are not satisfied eating them as they come from the garden or field; we want them improved. In the interest of giving the public what they are demanding, food manufacturers willingly transform and augment our grains. They make them look more appealing, taste sweeter, spicier, or saltier, and feel softer as we enjoy their "melt in your mouth" texture. And if they can lower the carbs while still giving us great taste and satisfaction, we give them our votes of confidence; we buy their products.

What are Bad Carbs?

But if we would be more concerned about the quality of the carbs we eat, we would be looking less for low carb foods. Some people suggest that it doesn't make any difference to your body whether it's in a candy bar or an apple; a carb is a carb is a carb. Scientific studies, however, have shown us what should have been obvious all along: the more natural a carbohydrate is when we eat it, the better it is for us.

By eating highly refined and processed carbs, we have become the victims of two serious and life-altering health problems. The more sugar that has been added and the more our carbs have been refined, the higher our carbs are on the glycemic index. And why is this significant? If you eat carbs that are high on the glycemic index, there are at least two negative side effects:
    1) You are more likely to suffer from problems with your colin, since these foods are low in fiber; and
    2) You are more likely to have problems with diabetes, since your insulin level goes up and down more radically during and after eating these foods.

Do you need to become familiar with a glycemic index food chart? Not necessarily. If you simply eat foods that are unprocessed and without sugar added, you will probably not need to study and follow this chart. If, however, you are already struggling with insulin issues, or think you may be, it will be helpful to learn and follow the abundant information on this subject.

Eat Carbs the Way God Made Them

As often as possible, eat your fruits and vegetables raw, and your grains whole. You may find food products that are sweeter, that are more convenient, and that have longer shelf life, but none will be made as well as God has made natural foods for you. Learn to choose raw over cooked, whole grain over processed, and natural over enriched. The less your carbs are heated, the less they are refined, and the less sugars and chemicals are added to them, the better they are for you. Check our Macronutrient Calculator to see how many carbs are ideal for you.

If your carbs are refined and processed and augmented they will still be carbs to your body. They will be missing, however, the fiber and micronutrients that God intended to accompany them as they are delivered to your cells. And who knows what havoc the added chemicals are having with your cells as they are simply trying to deliver energy to you, fight off sickness and diseases, and reproduce themselves with cells that are at least as good as they are?

Low Carb Foods are Not the Answer You're Looking For

Do you begin to see why low carb foods are not really the solution you're looking for? Food products that are manufactured to be low in carbohydrates may be tasty and enjoyable for a while, but in the long term, are not going to deliver the good health you desire. Low carb foods that are also low in fat seem to be the perfect kinds of food, but fat foods, when eaten in correct proportions, are good for your body.