My Journey Toward
Natural Anti Aging

Natural anti aging never crossed my mind when I was in my twenties.  It was at that time, however, that my grandmother told me of a preacher she had heard several years earlier.  After he had finished his sermon he invited whoever was interested to stay for another meeting where he would talk about some health and nutrition issues he had experienced.

He told of how he had been very sick (with what exactly, I don't remember), and hadn't been able to find any relief from any medical practitioners.  For some reason he became convinced that he needed to eliminate four items from his diet:

    1) coffee
    2) white flour
    3) white rice
    4) white sugar

After eliminating these four items from his daily menu, he began to improve rapidly and permanently.  He was, without knowing it, promoting natural anti aging.

Sometimes It Takes a Crisis

I remembered his story for several years, but never saw the need to fully implement it for myself.  I was interested in, and tried to consume, more healthy, natural foods, like whole grains, honey, and dried fruit.  I read several books on natural, organic, unprocessed foods; about both raising them and preparing them.  I was trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  But I wasn't what you'd call a purist, I still ate and enjoyed candy, chips, pastries, pies, and ice cream.  But something happened when I was thirty-seven.

I began to have a serious problem with bleeding in my stool.  It persisted for a few weeks, and was more than a minor inconvenience.  I visited the doctor and he gave me a prescription, which did nothing to help the problem.  I returned to the doctor, and he said that I should come again, when he could "go inside and look around."  At that point I decided to try what the preacher had told my grandmother years earlier.

A New Way of Eating

I completely cut out all white sugar, white flour, and white rice. (I didn't drink coffee, so I didn't need to eliminate that.) Within a week the bleeding stopped, and I never visited the doctor about that problem again. For the next five years, I never ate these foods in any proportion. I also eliminated from my diet any food product that had chemical additives. I figured if I couldn't pronounce it or didn't know what it was, I didn't want to put it into my body.

I studied more about how the cells in my body function, and how I could make their jobs easier by what I was giving them as raw materials. I wanted to help them build strong, healthy cells, rather than occupy themselves with "taking out the garbage". I read all labels and quickly became familiar with how foods are produced, what they contain, and which ones are acceptable to me. I began to develop a knowledge and lifestyle of natural anti aging. Incredibly, I didn't feel like I was missing anything. I felt a sort of pity for those who were consuming things containing these food products and additives.

Then Something Changed

After five years of living happily with no health problems whatsoever, I decided one night to buy and eat a little ice cream, made with sugar and chemicals.  Little by little I began to add back into my diet the food products that I had so scrupulously avoided.  I started to gain weight (which hadn't been a problem for five years.)  I began to find myself suffering from sicknesses and ailments that I hadn't known for five years.  My hay fever allergy, which had disappeared for five years, returned. 

After knowing such good health for those five years, how could I have returned to my previously undisciplined eating habits?  It had been a critical health problem that had spurred me to enter what was considered by others to be a "radical" eating regimen.  But since the bleeding problem never returned and I didn't have any serious health problems, I again found myself eating the way most other people eat.

Trying, But Not Succeeding

During the next sixteen years I fluctuated in my commitment to eating right. For months at a time I would eat only what I knew was good for me. Then I would "fall off the wagon" and find myself eating pastries and ice cream. Natural anti aging was still not in my sights. It's one thing to know the right thing to do; it's another thing to do it consistently.

At age fifty-four, after resisting food supplementation for nearly thirty years, I became convinced that with the proliferation of chemicals and free radicals, eating good food is not enough. I did considerable research and decided upon a company that does more scientific research than any other I'd found. But as important as it is to eat good quality food supplements, I knew that it was not enough. I knew that in order to achieve and maintain a natural anti aging lifestyle I needed to exercise and eat right as well.

The Road Ahead

Although I'm now past sixty, and still have not experienced any serious health concerns, I have felt like there's a time clock ticking down to potential health problems ahead.  From a family of four, both of my parents as well as my only sibling have all had open heart surgeries.  Heart attacks and coronary bypass surgeries are the norm for my father's side of the family.  My cholesterol scores are in the "near optimal" to "borderline high" range, and I am working to bring them down.

Natural anti aging is now my practice and my goal.  I have returned to my carefully-controlled eating plan, have added an exercise regimen, am continuing with food supplementation, and find myself losing excess fat and strengthening my lean muscle mass.  I have set personal goals for percent body fat, exercise, and balanced-diet food consumption.  I believe that I have developed and adopted a natural anti aging lifestyle and discipline that is sustainable, and that will achieve the following for me, and for many others that will adhere to it:
    • An overall feeling of vitality
    • Physical strength and endurance
    • Long-term good health
    • Freedom from drugs and surgery

Will You Join Me
in My Quest for Natural Anti Aging?

I do not purport to be a health expert. Like you, I just want to make the most of the life I have left, and to do what I can to assure that I will enjoy good health. I want a natural anti aging lifestyle. I have read many books on health and nutrition, and have sought to glean the best from all of them. I am a firm believer in the God of the Bible. I am convinced that he made us, wants the best for us, and has revealed to us, within the pages of the Bible, how we can make the most of this life.

If you would like some practical, real-life-tested solutions for living the natural anti aging lifestyle, I invite you to pore through the pages of this website and avail yourself of the helps that I've attempted to provide for you. I make no promises about what these principles and practices will do for you. But if they make sense to you, and you find my words convincing, I invite you to join me in this quest for natural anti aging.

I am firmly on your side, and will continue to provide you with information and examples that will encourage and help you toward successful anti aging. If you would like to receive encouragement in your email box every month, you may subscribe to my free monthly newsletter, Anti Aging Advocate. In it I go into greater depth on some issues that are raised concerning information contained in this website. I also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about anti aging.

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