Increase Flexibility with Neck Exercises

Neck exercises increase flexibility in the muscle group located all around your neck, consisting of two main sets of muscles: sternocleidomastoid and sternohyoid. They are used for holding your head up, and for moving your head and neck to the front and back, from side to side, as well as for rotating your head. Stretching these muscles can help to avoid the occasional stiff neck.

This exercise for the neck is called the Neck Rotation. To do this exercise, lie down on your back on the floor with your head on a thick phonebook, with your legs straight (or your knees drawn up together). Turn your head gently to the right, until you feel a pulling in your neck. Hold it for the specified amount of time, then turn your head back to the center. Then gently turn your head to the left and hold it when you feel tension. Bring your head back to center and relax for a few seconds. This is one rep.

Keep These Things in Mind

Don't hold your breath as you perform the stretches. Employ smooth, even motions throughout the exercise; don't jerk or bounce to stretch the muscles. Concentrate upon and try to feel the specific muscles being stretched. Try to relax surrounding muscles as you stretch your neck. Remember— anti aging that works requires you to work at anti aging.

Watch this video for further explanation and demonstration of the Neck Rotation—

Now that you've completed the neck exercises — the last of the stretching exercises — it's time to examine your weekly exercise plans.