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Here, on one page, is a daily nutrition calculator that takes your body measurements and activity level and tells you what macronutrients you should eat for every meal and snack. It's really two calculators — a Macronutrient Calculator and a Meal Calculator (check these links for full instructions) — but we've combined them into one useful tool. With this online calculator you can quickly tell how many proteins, carbs, and fats you should consume throughout the day, and how you can break them down meal by meal and snack by snack.

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Know What You're Eating

It's up to you, now, to take the information from this handy calculator, and learn to recognize and choose healthy foods for their macronutrient content. If you will patiently count and calculate your proteins, carbs, and fats, it won't be long till you will be able to immediately know how much of each are in the foods you like to eat. It's a learning process, but you will be pleased with the results if you stick with it.

Remember, we don't know intuitively what we ought to eat. After a lifetime of eating wrong far too frequently, isn't it time to finally learn to eat the anti aging way; the way that's right for you? This free Nutrition Calculator helps you know exactly how many macronutrients you need; what can help you know how many micronutrients you need?