Personal Health Care — A Better Plan

What we are talking about here is personal health care.  It is completely different from the kind of healthcare we are accustomed to hearing about: institutional healthcare programs and providers.  This is a way of living in which you develop a strategy to care for your own personal health— now, and in the future.  Personal health care is yours to own and to control.

As we examine the subject of anti aging, some folks just dismiss it all and say, "Well, we're all going to die sometime."  There is no arguing with this statement, but the sentiment behind it is what troubles me.  It reflects an attitude that says, "You really can't do anything about what happens to your body.  When they tell you to take the pills, you take them, and when they tell you it's time for surgery, you undergo it."

But you can do something to affect the health and vitality of your body.  You can improve the way your body functions as the years go by.  You can live a longer life that has less of the familiar ravages of aging than are being experienced by the bulk of the population.  It's not just a matter of winning the genetic lottery; it's a matter of taking hold of your present health and changing your future health.  This is anti aging.  This is personal health care.

Refuse to Be Like the Majority

The alternative to anti aging is suffering one ailment after another, where you go to the doctor and he gives you a prescription for the latest patented pharmaceutical invention.  You pay your money and ingest pills containing molecules that have never been on the face of the earth before.  And if you're in the majority, you'll experience some relief from your symptoms and not suffer from the negative side effects that we are all accustomed to hearing about in the TV ads. 

Oh, don't misunderstand me, I'm not against doctors or drugs, it's just that we need to take a more proactive approach to our personal health care. Far too many people are conditioned to simply think that drugs or surgery are the answers to their health problems. They have become satisfied with treating the symptoms, when they could be taking actions to understand and affect the causes of what ails them. Your present health and future wellness are in your hands, more than you think.

Help Your Cells Be the Victors

Armed with the basic information I've given you here, you can position yourself firmly on the side of your cells that are valiantly fighting for your health.  Give your cells good quality raw materials to work with.  God has marvelously designed your body and all of its functioning parts that you will probably never see; get on the side of your cells.  Your cells are trying to win battles every moment of your day, give them good quality equipment so they can be effective.

If a country needs to be at war, then its citizenry should take whatever actions it can to provide its well-trained soldiers the best armaments it can.  Your cells know what to do, they just need the best weaponry you can give them.  Just treating symptoms is like giving soldiers more comfortable housing on the battlefield.  It may make them feel better for a while, but it won't help them win the war.

Arm Yourself, Then Arm Your Cells

Gather all of the information that you can. Read what I've written here for you. Read books that I, or others, refer you to. Stay away from fads. Read what the Bible has to say about your health, and take it to heart. God has not just given us idle words; he created our bodies with all their intricate parts, and he wants them to function well. Follow his guidelines. Do you want to experience better health? You can experience better health! Take control of your personal health care.

Having researched the best of health and nutrition information, you can take steps to improve your personal physical well-being. Take control of your cellular future by bucking the system, if necessary, and giving your cells the best raw materials you can. Contribute to their success by eating good food, maintaining regular moderate exercise, getting adequate rest, avoiding stress, refusing to breathe, ingest, or come in contact with substances that make your cells work harder. I want to help you develop and maintain your own personal health care strategy and lifestyle.

There's hope for your future...take hold of it!