Finding the Best Sources of
Protein Rich Foods

There are many protein rich foods, but we need to eat the right amount as well as the right kinds. We want to consume the protein in foods that are best for our bodies. We need to learn not only where to find the protein in food, but also how to avoid some of the harmful elements associated with protein rich foods.

How Much Protein Should I Eat?

Our very helpful Macronutrient Calculator will enable you to discover exactly how much protein your body needs every day. This figure is derived from a formula that is well-accepted in the nutrition field. But rather than just give you what the average, sedentary male of 150 pounds needs, we help you find out exactly what you need based upon your lean body mass and your personal activity level.

This is very important information for your health and anti aging success. If you don't have enough protein rich foods in your diet, your cells will extract the protein they need from your own muscle tissues. This is a very unhealthy, even dangerous, health issue. On the other hand, if you consume more protein than your cells require, your body will store up the excess as fat. Too much excess fat is an equally unhealthy alternative! It is essential that you learn to recognize and regulate the amount of protein you are consuming.

What Kinds of Protein Should I Eat?

Eating the correct amount of protein rich foods is essential for maintaining ideal health, but eating the right kinds of proteins is very important as well. The proteins you consume are made up of amino acids. There are twenty amino acids that make up the protein molecules in your body. Nine of them, known as essential amino acids, come only from the foods you eat. The rest are synthesized by your body's cells.

What is important about this information? If you eat the foods God designed for human consumption, you will get all of the essential amino acids through the meat, eggs, and dairy in your diet. With legitimate concern about the saturated fats that are in animal products, many people are avoiding eating them. They are looking instead to vegetables, grains, and nuts for essential amino acids. No vegetables contain all nine essential amino acids. If, however, you combine legumes (peas & beans) with whole grains, or legumes with nuts and seeds, you will have a diet that has all nine of them.

Clean versus Unclean Meats

Many people wouldn't eat a dog, possum, seagull, or rat, but they'd eagerly dig into a meal of lobster, shrimp, and calamari. What's the difference? They're all scavengers; is it just a matter of taste or fashion? Interestingly, all of them are labelled as "unclean" by God. Clearly there were clean and unclean animals ever since the Garden of Eden. God told Noah to take aboard the ark seven of every clean animal, but only two of every unclean animal.

When God delivered his laws to the descendants of Abraham, he again distinguished between clean and unclean animals. He promised the people good health and freedom from diseases, if they followed his laws. The laws of God were not arbitrary, nor were they without reason. If God prohibited something, there must have been a good reason for it. This is not a religious issue; it is a practical one. Consider this: when we eat a scavenger animal, we are eating refuse that has been refined by the digestive system of an animal that its designer said was unfit for human consumption.

Protein Rich and Good for You

If you are striving to experience anti aging success, you must be very careful and purposeful about those few dozen grams of protein you give to your cells every day to do their jobs. Understand which protein rich foods are best for you, and give your body what it was designed to be nourished by. Most of the calories we consume do not come from protein rich foods; they come from carbohydrates.