The Signs of Aging —
Are You Over the Hill?

Have you noticed the signs of aging for a while now?  Most people don't realize it, but our bodies reach their peak performance at about 25 years of age.  After that, it's all downhill!

So, if you do nothing different than you did the first twenty-five years, your body will not respond the way it used to.  At least three changes begin to occur as early as 25-35:
      • Bones become weaker
      • Reduced response time and coordination
      • Slowdown in metabolic rate

As the decades add up, there are many other changes that accompany aging:
      • Reduced elasticity of the skin
      • Less stamina from less oxygen from reduced blood flow
      • Diminished lung capacity
      • Increased gastrointestinal distress
      • Diminished sensory acuity in vision, hearing, smell, and touch
      • Decreased memory retention
      • And I can't remember the rest!

But How Do You Feel?

When you play a little softball, join in a soccer match, or run for a mile, do you find that you don't ever remember getting so sore before?  When you get up in the morning, and go up or down the steps, is there some stiffness and pain in your ankles and knees?  When you run a half block to catch a bus, are you more winded than ever before?

Are you finding it much harder to keep the extra pounds off?  When you get an injury, does it take longer to heal?  Is your hair getting a little thinner in spots?  Do you find that it's harder to maintain your balance, or that you have a more difficult time keeping a steady hand?  All of these and more are just the normal signs of aging, and what your body is going through is both predictable and inevitable.

You Can't Just Cover it All Up

There are whole sections of our economy that are dedicated to hiding and disguising the signs of aging.  Whether it's anti wrinkle creams, hair colorants and restorers, "support" clothing, or instant energy beverages, you can buy just about anything to make you look and feel ten years younger.

But what you want is more than just a cover up, or an instant fix that lets you down a little while later.  What you and I need are real lifestyle changes that address the source of the problems of aging, not just the symptoms.  Yes, the promise of the potion or the lotion that makes you look and feel like you're twenty is still alluring.  But if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Lay a Foundation for Positive Change

Before you are ready to begin an effective anti aging program you need to have a little more knowledge. While we are enjoying unprecedented longevity in the 21st century developed world, we are being subjected to increasing prescription drug use and life-extending surgeries. Why are we living longer yet experiencing more health-related problems? What is different about the process and signs of aging in the developed world?