Strength Training Exercises
Are For Nearly Everyone

Unless you have a significant physical handicap, you need to learn to do strength training exercises. (I have a physical handicap that I've lived with nearly all of my life, so I'm aware of some of the difficulties that one of them can present.) I do each of these seven strength training exercises three days a week. I started out with just a few repetitions and have gradually worked my way up to a regular routine that takes me about twenty minutes.

The first five of these strength training exercises are for the major muscles in your upper body. Since 65% of our muscles are above the waist and are our most underdeveloped muscles, more effort is expended here. The last two include one for your stomach muscles and another for your leg muscles. These can all be done with nothing more than a sturdy bench and simple hand weights (dumbbells) from three to ten pounds.

General Instructions

Follow the pattern in each video, remembering to repeat it, where applicable, with each arm or leg. Start out with light weights, doing no more than five repetitions (reps) for each exercise. It may seem easy, but don't try to go too fast. If five reps are difficult, do them until you feel that you can do one more. Gradually work your way up to fifteen reps. Adjust the weights for each exercise according to how difficult it is for you. After two or three times you will find the ideal weight for each exercise.

After you can do fifteen reps fairly easily, do two sets of fifteen reps. When those can be done easily, increase your weight one increment. Use even motions, not lifting too quickly, or lowering too rapidly. Use both up and down motions to exercise your muscles. The last two exercises can be done without weights at first; when they become fairly easy, you can add weights. View the videos to learn how to do each exercise.

Don't Put Off Starting These Exercises

I have heard a variety of objections to strength training exercises. Most recently, I heard it said that they were too hard to do. Let me say this clearly: these exercises are hard work! But if you want to succeed at anti aging, hard work is exactly what your muscles need! If they don't do some hard work a few times each week they will become softer, flabbier, and smaller. They will become sore whenever they are used a little more than usual. You will slow down, and you will be more susceptible to injury. The major muscles of your body need regular weight lifting exercises; they need to work hard! These strength training exercises will get your metabolism moving faster, and enable you to retain your muscle mass. Begin now with chest exercises.

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