Stretching Exercises
Help You Move With Ease

Without stretching exercises, flexibility and ease of motion are on the wane for most people as they grow older. But, by exercising in this way, you can limber up those stiff muscles and ligaments, gain an increased range of motion, and experience anti aging success. These exercises are designed to gently push your muscles and ligaments a little beyond where they normally go. This kind of exercising will not help your heart, like aerobic exercises, nor increase your metabolism, like strength exercises. They will, however, help protect you from injury while performing these other exercises, and will give you an ease of motion as you move throughout your day.

General Instructions

There are ten stretching exercises here, and after practicing them a few times, one ought to be able to do them each in about two to five minutes. Start out performing each stretch three times for ten seconds. Gradually work up to five times for thirty seconds, each day you do them. Most of these stretches require that you perform them on both left and right sides. Hold the stretch for the time indicated, then relax for a few seconds, and try to stretch a little farther the next time.

Slowly stretch the specified muscle till you feel tension; push it a little farther, but not to the point of pain. Slight discomfort and a mild pulling sensation is normal. Don't "bounce" to stretch your muscles; use gentle, yet firm, continuous pressure. Don't "lock" your joints when doing these exercises; your joints should be slightly bent. Avoid any of these exercises that might put pressure on an artificial joint you may have. View each of the videos to see and listen how to do them. Practice them until you feel tension in the area described.

Discover the Benefits of Stretching Exercises

You might feel that these exercises are of little value when it comes to "getting in shape". While they won't help you to lose weight, nor help you to have a stronger circulatory system, they will enable you to overcome stiffness and enable you to have a greater range of motion. Don't resign yourself to limited mobility; week by week you can gradually renew some of your youthful flexibility by learning to do these exercises. Stretching exercises help your muscles move more freely; start out with hamstring exercises.

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