Increase Flexibility with Triceps Exercise

This triceps exercise increases flexibility in the muscle located on the back of your upper arm: triceps brachii. This muscle is used when you extend your upper arm (move it backward) at the shoulder and when you extend your forearm (straighten it) at the elbow. It is used for such common actions as throwing, climbing, and pushing. Stretching these muscles will give you increased flexibility and reduced stiffness in your arms.

This exercise for the triceps is called, simply, the Triceps Stretch. To do this exercise, in your right hand hold the end of a hand towel from the bathroom, and drop the other end of it down behind your back. Grasp the end of the towel with your left hand and gently pull downward, with your right elbow extended upward, till you feel the tension in your triceps. Hold it for the specified amount of time, then relax for a few seconds. This is one rep. After performing the reps with your right arm, do the same with your left arm.

Keep These Things in Mind

Don't hold your breath as you perform the stretches. Employ smooth, even motions throughout the exercise; don't jerk or bounce to stretch the muscles. Concentrate upon and try to feel the specific muscles being stretched. Try to relax surrounding muscles as you stretch the triceps. Remember— anti aging that works requires you to work at anti aging.

Watch this video for further explanation and demonstration of the Triceps Stretch—

After completing the triceps exercise, move on to the wrist exercises.