Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know

Are you a veteran of multiple diets? Are you looking for the answers to weight loss secrets? Are you trying find something that will show you how to lose weight quickly and permanently? Would free weight loss plans also be attractive to you? Are you tired of trying the latest fad diet, only to find that it didn't work for you. Do you want to lose weight naturally, without pills? Would you like to find a weight loss exercise program that you can do? Me too!

Like you, I've lost hundreds of pounds on dozens of diets. I've got a closet full of clothes for the different sizes my body has been in during the last ten years. My body weight has varied 58 pounds in the last 12 years. That's over 35% of my current body weight! Well-meaning people warned me that I was damaging my body by my continual losing and gaining of weight. But all I wanted was to just be trim and fit, and stay there.

The Dirty Truth

Here's one of the weight loss secrets you need to know: 1) you must lose fat, not weight. I've been very successful at quick weight loss. I've lost as many as thirty pounds in forty days. But what I didn't realize was how much muscle tissue I was losing. Every time I gained weight I was only gaining fat; every time I lost weight I was losing fat and muscle. So after half a dozen diets, I had lost a significant percentage of my lean body mass. Why is this significant? With each successive diet, I have become weaker and weaker. This, of course, makes me more susceptible to injury and less able to accomplish simple tasks.

But here's the real kicker — another one of the weight loss secrets you need to know — 2) the less muscle mass you have, the harder it is to lose weight! You see, a lower lean body mass, means a lower metabolism level. And the lower your metabolism level, the harder it becomes to use the calories you are consuming. Therefore your body requires that you eat fewer and fewer calories in order to lose weight.

With every successive diet, weight becomes increasingly more difficult to lose. So even when you successfully lose weight, you are at the same time, making it harder to keep that weight off. You have less muscle mass to burn the calories you are eating.

Weight Loss Diets Are Counterproductive

I hope you get the point: 3) you need a fat loss diet, not a weight loss diet. This is probably the most important of the weight loss secrets. You need to know this: you cannot lose fat as quickly as you lose weight. But if you will work at losing fat, you will become increasingly able to lose fat and to keep it off. On the other hand, 4) merely losing weight will make you less able to lose fat and less capable of keeping it off.

So now that you have learned these valuable weight loss secrets, how can you put them into practice to make anti aging work for you? You simply need to learn to eat a balanced diet, which is a perfect proportion of proteins, carbs, and fats. Then follow that up with a personal assessment of how many of each of these macronutrients you need. And make sure that you're eating healthy food. You see, if you just concentrate on eating right, you will lose fat; it's a fact! Looking for another one of the weight loss secrets? Check out weight loss exercise.